Why Choose Us

The Best Value

We are NOT the cheapest lawn care service in town. If you are looking for the cheapest window cleaning service, we recommend you keep looking. If Everything Exterior had to be described in one word it would be EFFICIENT.

We are constantly improving everything we do to offer the best value to our clients — from buying lawn care and window cleaning products in bulk to maximizing route density, to tracking and decreasing individual footsteps and monitoring time to the second.

Our prices are competitive, but our service cannot be matched. Although it is easy for us to say all of this, we recommend you do your homework to see for yourself how we compare to other lawn care and window cleaning companies.

We can say anything and we know anyone else can too, hence we rely on our reputation and experience to show that we don’t just “talk the talk” but that we walk the walk.

We Are Legit, 100% Legal, Adequately Insured & We Pay All Taxes.

First, Everything Exterior LLC is legitimately organized, registered, and licensed at the federal, state, and local levels. We carry liability insurance that would more than adequately cover any mishaps we could have. ($3,000,000.00 limit.) If you need a certificate of insurance, with you or the company you represent listed as additionally insured, we can have it to you by the following business day.

Second, all of our equipment was legitimately purchased from local dealerships. (Lawn equipment is commonly stolen, sold to a third party, and then purchased by landscape companies.) Our trucks operate under DOT # 2841006. All of our vehicles are registered in Utah, carry proper insurance, and are inspected regularly. We operate in Cedar City under license #137044.

Third, when it comes to hiring we hire only legal workers, verified through I9 completion and the federal government’s e-verify program. We carry workers’ compensation insurance as required by law. All employees complete a W4 and pay FICA taxes (Social Security and Medicare) and any other withholdings required.

We also set high standards for our employees who are required to meet standards of physical appearance, competence, and professionalism. We pay both state and federal unemployment insurance as required by law. Although this may sound normal as they are legal requirements they are not often followed in our industry, even here in Cedar City. Hopefully one of those companies or people doesn’t have an issue on your property where you would be held liable.

Support Local Students and Young Families

When you hire us you hire many local students. We employ both Cedar and Canyon View students as well as many SUU students. Our company model works perfectly for students who love to work part-time with us while in school and full-time during the summer. As you support us you support the next generation of productive workers and citizens.

When you support us you support your local economy. Hiring a company from St. George sends money and jobs to St. George. Shop local, please. Hiring an illegitimate company with illegal workers and/or lack of business obedience to laws hurts the community.

The Eye Test

If a picture is worth a thousand words a lot can be said about the physical appearance of a window cleaning company. Take a glance at the vehicles a lawn care company drives, the uniforms a Christmas light installation company wears, and the general appearance of the lawn care employees. Look at the professionalism and ease of use of a window washing company’s website, and the equipment a lawn mowing company uses.

You wouldn’t allow just anyone on your property just as we don’t allow just anyone to represent us. Everything Exterior has a landscape maintenance industry leading no tattoo and no smoking policy. Everything Exterior’s window cleaning crews are composed of only the highest caliber of window cleaning technicians. What does your eye tell you?

Don’t Listen to Us!

We know that talk is cheap. We invite you to browse our website to see some of the pictures of our work and to read what clients and past employees have said. We invite you to search us online and read reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other top review gathering/publishing services. It’s no question that we are head and shoulders above our competition when you see the quantity and quality of our reviews. Our yard care, window washing, custom Christmas light installation and snow removal services speak for themselves. Prefessonal photos and great reviews are only the evidence of that work.

Read Our Online Reviews

It’s 2022! You read reviews when you buy anything online. Why would you not do the same when hiring a company to take care of the landscape maintenance and lawn care of your property? Very few reviews, or bad reviews, always cause a consumer to wonder. Don’t leave such an important decision to fate. Compare us with our competitors see the difference for yourself. When you are looking for a professional window cleaner make sure you hire only the best so you don’t have regrets in the future. Our window cleaning training and lawn care practice course lead to Everything Exterior providing the absolute best window cleaning and yard care services in Iron county. The best window cleaning service in Southern Utah! See for yourself why Cedar’s best lawn care company has 400+ google reviews.

Ease of Use

We believe that human effort cordinated by automated systems creates a more efficient world. We use systems to save time and effort which in the end allows for our higher quality services to be sold at a cheaper rate. From doing bids in minutes using online measuring tools to automated invoicing and payments we can simply your life. You will not be waiting around for appointments or wondering when your invoice will show up in the mail. We understand how busy your life is. We want to be here when you call or have a question, but in the meantime we don’t want to add any other worries or to-dos to your already packed schedule. Many of our customers choose their package in the spring, set up their prefered payment option and don’t talk to us again. They love their service and love that it requires zero effort on their part.