Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Us the Best?
We are THE BEST provider of the services that we provide in our service area, no questions asked, no argument, agreed upon by all.
We operate out of a self designed and custom built warehouse and office. We are not ran out of a home. We do not have an owner/operater or a spouse answering the phone. We have a team of highly trained employees using a very detailed oriented system to provide out clients with a feeling of satisfaction that we call The Everything Exterior Experience. We hire better employees, train them better, and pay them more. We buy better equipment and maintian it meticulously. We developed and designed our own training course so no employee steps foot on your proerty without already being fully cabable of performing the service perfectly. We have state of the art custom designed trucks that are built and setup to help us reach the highest levels of efficiency possible. We use the best products. We don’t buy our fertilier from a store. Each fertilizer we use, granualr and liquid, are custom designed and made for us and delivered right to our shop. They have been tested and critiqued and years of experience and experimentation have perfected them to a level unmatached by any other product in our area. The same goes for our chemical mixes of weed pre and post emergents. We use the latest industry technology in our office and with our mobile devices. Each crew is led by GPS to each job, told what to do and then accounts for doing it. Our system does much of the menial work automatically so we can use our people where they can be of best benefit. We have owners who work on the business rather than in the business so that it is always improving and on the cutting edge. We are the best now and will be even better in the future as our current pratices continue to enhance our edge over competition. You will not find a better valued service. Don’t just take our word for it, a few minutes of research will prove our point.
How Does the Billing and Payment Process Run?
​For landscape maintenance, both residential and commercial, there is one invoice per month. It is compiled on the last day of the month. Residential landscape maintenance invoices are charged on the 1st business day of the following month with an email receipt sent shortly thereafter. Commercial property maintenance accounts are invoiced via email on the first business day of the month and pay is generally done via an ACH payment but can be setup differently if required.

Christmas light services are invoiced and charged the following business day after the lights are installed.

Window washing services are invoiced and charged the following business day after the service is performed.

What Happens During Bad Weather?

Christmas Lights: We begin installing Christmas lights at the beginning of October to help us have better weather. Removing Christmas lights can be harder being the dead of winter. If there is a bad day of weather we will cancel services until the weather allows. Safety is a top priority. Lights will be installed and removed as quickly as possible, as the weather allows.

Window Cleaning: We know you want to enjoy cleaning windows for more than a few hours, so we do not wash windows if it is stormy or on days with high wind. There are often slight chances of precipitation on the 5-10 day forecasts. Often these do not materialize and don’t change our scheduling. We have done extensive research and experimentation to develop our window washing solution so that not only do your windows get clean, but they stay clean longer even with rain or dust.

Landscape Maintenance: Often in slightly damp weather we can still perform services perfectly. If the ground gets too wet, or it is raining too hard to perform services to Everything Exterior standards, then we will pause or delay services until we can resume. We will have longer hours and Saturdays if needed until we are caught up.

What if I Am Unhappy With a Service Performed?
If you are ever anything but 100% satisfied please contact us. We want to hear about it. We are human and do make mistakes. The majority of our mistakes are caught and correct by our internal inspections without clients even knowing they were made. If something does slip through, we want to know and understand exactly what you want so that we can fix it if possible. We have set company policies from which don’t deviate, but any service error or mistake we will fix as soon as we know about it. The Everything Exterior Experience is a guarantee, not a hope or a goal.