Water-Fed Window Cleaning in Cedar City, UT

Water-fed Window Cleaning: Advanced Technique

The technology behind water-fed window cleaning is pretty simple and has been around for some time. The technology is in the advancement of producing and delivering the water to the glass, up to 7 stories high. Water is purified at no more than 5 parts per million and pumped up a pole and between bristles in a brush. The brush and water agitate the surface of the glass loosening and removing any impurities. After a thorough scrubbing, the brush is pulled back from the glass, and the entire pane is rinsed with pure water rinsing off any unwanted matter. The glass dries spot free. The glass then has nothing on it and hence stays clean longer as future rain, sprinkler water, and other impurities adhere less to the glass.

The Best Water-fed Window Cleaning Equipment

Everything Exterior uses the best water-fed window cleaning equipment on the market. Recent technological advances have been made in synthetic materials to make stronger, lighter, more rigid poles as well as brushes composed of multiple components that all work together for the best glass cleaning possible.

At Everything Exterior, we have an in-shop water purification system that is eco-friendly and ultra-efficient in purifying water. Water is stored in storage tanks until it is pumped into holding tanks in our bright green trucks. The water is then driven to the Cedar City job site where we use onboard pumps to pump the water through hoses, up poles, and to your windows. The result is crystal clear and clean windows.

Our water-fed window cleaning poles are designed and built by Reach-iT. They are made of woven carbon fiber and can extend up to 5 stories high. (The potential is there to go even higher, but no buildings in Cedar City have more than 4 stories.) We use a number of different brushes based on the job being performed, many also built by Reach-iT. Rest assured when we are on your property only the best and most efficient tools will be used.

Water-fed window Cleaning: Safer, Faster, Most Cost Effective

Water-fed window cleaning is safer, faster, and physically less demanding which means it can be done cheaper, allowing you a higher quality exterior window cleaning service at a lower price. This means Everything Exterior offers the best window cleaning value in the Cedar City and Enoch area.