Go Green practices and sustainability are a part of our professional lawn care services. Everyone knows that engine emissions, including lawn care equipment, are not a great thing for the environment. What is the best counter to CO2 emission? Plants convert CO2 to oxygen. It is often taught that trees perform this through photosynthesis. It is often left out that grass, even turf lawn grass, does this as well. “Moderation in all things” is a good phrase to consider in lawn and landscape maintenance. Is there a benefit to having all rock, often called xeriscape? Sure, less water is used than with turf grass. Are there cons? Absolutely, more herbicide chemicals are used, CO2 is not converted to oxygen, and unsightly weeds grow lowering property values. Learn how Everything Exterior is providing the best lawn care service and saving the planet all while providing the highest quality complete yard care service and best-looking lawns. And did we mention, beef?


Overview of our Eco-Friendly Strategy

Our family-owned lawn care business has been in operation in Cedar City cleaning windows and maintaining yards for more than 10 years. We’ve helped home and business owners manage their spring and fall lawn care in addition to keeping their windows spot-free and installing custom Christmas light displays. Our professional property maintenance services have prevented and fixed lawn fungus problems, grubs, and ants in the lawn, and reduced water consumption. We’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. However, Go Green practices and sustainability have become more popular and applicable to numerous processes. Here’s our strategy to support climate control. 


Irrigation Controllers with “Secret Program Strategies” – Water Conservation

An automatic sprinkler controller or sprinkler timer is a device that optimizes your in-ground irrigation systems. Most controllers have basic features like frequency of irrigation, start time, and the duration of watering. While these timers are not new, the watering saving comes by knowing how to program them. We often hear people asking things such as, “How often should I water” or “How long should I run each zone for?” The answer to these questions is in the Everything Exterior secret sauce. Our R&D has determined how to use less water while delivering more water to the plants. This is done by making sure there is as little loss as possible due to factors such as run-off, evaporation, and/or oversaturation.


What happens to all the lawn clippings once they are cut and hauled off from each residential and commercial property lawn care service? Most lawn care companies take them right to the landfill, where they rot and decompose along with the rest of the trash. There is gas, vehicles, and time spent to get it there. What a waste and inefficient practice! Everything Exterior performs landscape maintenance services in Iron County, and then turns those clippings into beef. You read that right; T-bone steaks, prime rib roasts, burger, tri-tip, the whole shebang. Not only is a great incentive to the company and a reward for great lawn care service, but meat is also donated to local people in need. The lawn clippings are also fed to sheep and chickens!

Research & Development Fertilizers

Inorganic, synthetic fertilizer is a major part of the global food economy. Three main agricultural fertilizer nutrients – nitrogen, phosphate, and potash — generated a combined total of $68 billion for the global fertilizer market in 2021. So what does this mean for your lawn care? A lot of professional lawn care companies use mass-produced fertilizers and poor application techniques that have consequences for the environment. Fertilizers can run off in the water and/or leach into unwanted areas. Lawn fertilizer can damage the surface of your landscaping and pollute the groundwater. 

Enter our “Research and Development” department. Do you know of any other professional lawn care companies that do research and development? (Just as an FYI and pat on our own back we have had researchers from North America, Europe, and Australia ask if they could come and look at areas of our turf as they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.)

Grass just minutes after spraying slow release fertilizer - Everything Exterior
A lawn getting more green 8 days after being sprayed with slow release fertilizer by Everything Exterior in Cedar City, Utah

We use slow-release fertilizers, controlled-release fertilizers, and absorbed fertilizers all of which are developed in-house and become the Cedar City lawn care secret sauce available only to Everything Exterior clients. These products are water soluble so they dissolve faster in the soil. Slow-release fertilizer releases nutrients more uniformly over time. So plants and lawns always have a ready supply of nutrients.  This kind of efficient use of nitrogen reduces nitrous oxide emissions or dangerous radiation and heat trapped in the atmosphere. Additionally, other eco-friendly fertilizer applications include poultry and cattle manure (I wonder where that comes from? ?) that can provide a boost to the ecosystem of a yard.

Soil Wetting Agents

With the Mega Drought we are currently facing, water use and conservation is a hot topic. In addition to wise use, other elements such as wetting agents or surfactants are composed of both organic and chemical compounds that reduce the tension of water. This allows water to spread more evenly, especially among dry spots or dry turf. It means less water from the sprinklers, and more water retained in the soil and used by the turf. The Everything Exterior Lawn Care R&D Department is heavily involved in the testing, development, and use of such products so as to continue to provide the best lawn care service not only in Cedar City or Iron County, but in the whole world.


All of us should do what we can now to maintain Go Green and sustainable practices. It can be hard to do, so if you want to be a part of the solution, and don’t want to do the yard care “dirty work” then click here and get a quote to see how you can get the best of both worlds!