Picture this: A breathtaking Victorian home with a pitched roof and wraparound porch. Lush Bluegrass turf carpets the grounds. Aromatic lavender and yellow tickseed coreopsis dot the landscape. It’s like a page from Better Homes & Gardens magazine, except for one problem – dirty windows. Yes, dust and grime on windows can spoil the appearance of even the best properties. Don’t let this happen to you. Hire a professional window cleaner.

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What is a Window Cleaning Technician?

If you’re like me, you grew up raking leaves, taking out the trash, watering the yard, and cleaning your home’s interior and exterior windows. You probably sprayed the exterior windows with water from the hose and washed the surface with ordinary liquid soap. But is this the best treatment? No, it isn’t.

A no-streaking professional window washing job requires specialized training that educates the technician. A professional window cleaner knows that your water should be tested for minerals that result in hard water. The use of store-bought soap can cause spots and streaks. Lastly, you should consider the nature of the stain. How long has the stain existed? Is it exposed to the sun?

Also, glass is categorized by different types e.g., clear, tinted or reflective. It can also be treated with different practices (tempered, laminated, or Low-E) for various purposes. So each one requires a different method for cleaning using commercial grade products. The International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) and the Glass Association of America advises to clean windows according to site, environmental, and atmospheric conditions. So a professional window cleaner is a person who removes dirt and debris from windows and sills.

A technician from Everything Exterior uses a squeegee to clean windows in Cedar City, Utah

The Service of Health and Safety

While window cleaning may not be considered a “skilled” trade, It’s a trade that you can become skilled at with continuing education and experience. So even though the job description of removing dirt from the surface may be simple, the service they offer is invaluable.

Professional glass cleaners detect problems like damaged windows, decaying wood, hard water mineral buildup, and improperly fitting window screens. If left untreated, these conditions can pose a health and safety hazard. Also, a window replacement costs $250 – $1,000+.

Equipment for the Window Cleaning Pro

A professional window cleaning pro is efficient. He always has exactly what he needs to get the job done quickly, but professionally. Through classes, certification, and experience, he’s ready to tackle any job – big or small.

Some of his window cleaning equipment includes a squeegee, carbon fiber waterfed pole, scrubbers, washers, pads, channels, flexi doodle bug, and pure water tank. Of course, a ladder, scaffold, and telescoping poles allow cleaning windows at high distances. They purchase supplies like heavy-duty stain removers, solvents, polishing compounds, and glass restorers from a window cleaning supply house.

A window cleaning pro must have waterproof gloves. They are usually made from neoprene, a synthetic polymer that is tough but flexible. It resists oil, chemicals, and heat. A non-slip texture covers the palm of gloves and velcro strips can be adjusted to keep out cold air and water. If water temps drop below 32 degrees, methanol must be added to water to prevent freezing. Non-skid footwear and layers of clothing complete the “uniform.”

Safety First

Climbing a ladder and working at heights of 20 feet or more are part of a professional window cleaner’s job. It’s also poses a health risk which is why window cleaners are safety experts.

The IWCA offers various certifications. Two notable certifications are the Rope Descent Systems (RDS) and the OSHA (Occupational Safety & Hazard Association) 1910 Safety Certified Technician.

The 1910 certification is comprehensive and covers chemical safety, watered pole safety, electrical hazards, personal protective equipment, First Aid, etc.

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About the Window Cleaning Industry

Window cleaning technicians represent a segment of the cleaning industry. In 2020, the cleaning industry was a $46 billion dollar industry that employed 1.7 million people. It’s expected to grow by 10% by 2026.

One vital aspect of this profession is ongoing training whether it’s a YouTube video, webinar, magazine, or annual conference. Technicians, contractors, and business owners have unlimited resources like American Window Cleaner magazine and ecleaning magazine. There’s even an online forum.

Business Models and Levels of Service

All professional window cleaning companies are not alike. So homeowners should do their homework. They should ask pertinent questions that go beyond a Google check for “professional window cleaning services near me.”

In Cedar City, UT, business models for the window cleaning industry vary. Based on the location, some companies specialize in a niche and others offer broad services. Contractors with less than 10 employees might not have the best (expensive) equipment but can offer personalized service. Even though their employees are background checked and have at least one year on the job, they probably are not certified.

Businesses with 10 years of service tend to have certified workers. At Everything Exterior, we not only have certified field technicians, but a full staff of highly qualified managers, office administrators, and sales representatives.

Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning

Services of a window cleaning technician are not limited to windows. We offer solar panel cleaning, screen cleaning, gutter cleaning, hard water removal, and other services.

According to Franchise Help, “Americans spend approximately six hours per week cleaning their homes.” Furthermore, commercial cleaning entails retail buildings, offices, hospitals, hotels, etc. It’s 55% of the cleaning market as of 2019.

So the next time you upgrade your home’s appearance, don’t just consider lawn fertilization, yard fertilizer treatments, and how long to run the sprinkler. Pay attention to your windows. Give them the top-notch service that only a professional window cleaner can provide.