Do you like pulling weeds? Do you wish there were an easier way or maybe they did not grow at all? We have two options for you. The first is to hire us for your lawn mowing, yard care, and landscape maintenance needs and you will never have to deal with another weed. The second option, for all you DIYers out there, is to use pre-emergent weed sprays to reduce or prohibit weed growth.

What is a Pre-emergent?

Pre-emergents do not kill anything. Roundup is not a pre-emergent. Roundup is a post-emergent. Pre-emergents need to be applied (they are most commonly sprayed but can be spread as a granular) before weed seeds sprout and work by making sure new seeds do not sprout. If you want any seeds to sprout, grass seeds or vegetable seeds for example DO NOT use a pre-emergent. If you want to keep weeds out of your lawn, rock and mulch beds, gravel driveways, etc. then applying a pre-emergent will make your yard care and lawn care much easier. You can apply pre-emergent directly on your existing grass. This will help prevent weeds and help you have a thicker and healthier turf. Lawn mowing in Cedar City is much easier if you do not have to worry about weeds in the grass or out of the grass.

So where do you get a pre-emergent and how do you use it? We recommend any local country store such as IFA or CAL Ranch and then following the instructions on the label. You will not find the variety or quality of products at Home Depot or Lowes. There are a variety of chemicals in the pre-emergent category so read the label to find out if it will take care of the weeds you are having problems with.

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