We hear businesses frequently stating what sets them apart from their competitors. We hear things like we provide a better product or service, we are cheaper, we are local.

LAME! We figured, there has got to be a better approach. Forget political correctness; we will be direct and straightforward with no mincing of words.

We are honest and don’t plagiarize

We write all of our own content. We’ll let this local example speak for itself from another local lawn care company, Cedar Lawn Care, that plagiarized a guarantee from a multimillion-dollar company called CitiTurf based out of Texas. We also hire local photographers to take the pictures that we use on our website, Facebook page, and in all that we do. We see photos copied off the internet on all of competitors sites and materials.

Cititurf Guarantee
CLC Guarantee

We don’t operate out of a house or storage unit

How unprofessional is that? A business operating out of a house might be “legal”, but it is skirting taxes, often not legit with city ordinances, and makes our local neighborhoods look trashy. Don’t you want a business contributing to society through taxes and using other services contributing to the local economy?

The Best Lawn Care in Cedar City, The Other Guys
AKA Everything Exterior VS (Premier Landscape Service in this example)

We have a training program and we don’t train on your property

Seems simple right? With other local companies you won’t find anyone training someone for more than a day before they are put “on the job” on your property. We utilize our custom built 10,000 square foot training course, written operations manuals, video/digital modules, non-arbitrary grading rubric, and written exams to make sure each of our employees is fully prepared before they ever step foot on your property.

We buy new, state of the art trucks

The competition buys used pickup trucks. Blah! But they are cheap! They aren’t safe, they pollute more, they make our town feel gross. “Look good, feel good, perform good”, something the competition lacks that Everything Exterior thrives off of.

We have higher caliber of employees

We have a no tattoo, no smoking/vaping/drinking (not just at work but always), no swearing policy
Good luck finding that in a lawn care company in Cedar City or anywhere else in the world for that matter. Our guys are often characterized as “returned missionaries”, whatever that means 😉 Who do you want in your backyard? Why is it so easy to find photos of us on our website and so hard to find photos of people on anyone else’s?

We have the best online ratings

We have nearly four times more ratings on Google than our second-place competitor under the search title “lawn care Cedar City”. We also have a higher rating. The same is true on Facebook, Bing, and YP. Learn from other’s experience and don’t risk a “cheap deal” with some knock off competitor.

If it sounds like we are bragging or boasting, we kind of are. Not in a rude way, but we have spent years perfecting what we are doing to reach this result. You will not find a better lawn service in Iron County, the state of Utah, or the United States of America. We are the real deal and we want and chance to work with you and show you the Everything Exterior Experience. For a free quote click here. We look forward to sharing the Everything Exterior Experience with you.