Having clean windows is not complicated, it just takes some effort. Either you can do it yourself or hire it out. Doing it yourself might entail getting out a ladder or step stool, or maybe climbing down into a window well filled with creepy crawlies. It might mean using real window cleaning tools such as T-bars, scrubbers, and squeegees or maybe it means busting out some rags or paper towels and Windex. (If a rag or paper towel is your go-to method, you better plan on cleaning regularly as your strokers will show quickly once dust settles onto the window. If you like the “set it and forget it” idea, then a triannual or quarterly window cleaning service from Everything Exterior is your answer. If you need more info or more convincing, please keep reading.


Why Clean Windows?
There are multiple benefits and advantages to having clean windows. From more curb appeal and a higher sale price when selling a home to a better mood and environment in a home. Cleaning windows regularly will help prevent the buildup of minerals from hard water that will make your windows look hazy initially and actually eat away at the glass if not taken care of properly and quickly. Do not be embarrassed at your next get-together or backyard BBQ by dirty windows!

There is not a one size fits all answer to when to clean your windows. If you are a once-a-year type person, the first storm that comes through is really going to ruin your day. It’s the idea of an unlimited car wash pass vs a pay as you go approach. It does not take many car washes to equal or exceed the price of the pass. The case is similar with Everything Exterior’s regular cleaning packages. The price per cleaning decreases as frequency increases. At 3 cleanings a year or more screens are also washed once for free which can be a big savings. This program is automated and requires no effort on your part to call and schedule or remember when your windows need to be cleaned, it just happens on schedule with nothing needed on your part. If there is one time a year to have your windows cleaned, fall or winter is probably the best; there is less dust, less wind, and snow is generally cleaner and easier on windows than rain.

Bells and Whistles
While window cleaning may only inherently mean cleaning the glass, there are other related “add-in” services that can be provided during the same visit that will just add a lot more work to the DIYer. People often have their screens cleaned, rain gutters cleaned out, tracks and sills cleaned, and/or hard water mineral deposits removed as part of their window cleaning service. While it may be possible to perform these services, professional chemicals, know how, and products make the job safer, easier, faster, and more effective. Consider removing years of mineral deposits off a window, vinegar and a scrubber pad is not going to do the trick.

Hard Water/Mineral Buildup
Utah has hard water. This means that the water in the culinary system contains a high number of mineral particles. This is measured in “parts per million” or how many particles of minerals are there in a million water particles. If this water gets on the glass (sprinklers, hoses, etc.) the water runs or dries off and leaves the minerals behind. Before long, there is a visible layer that makes the glass look hazy and first and then opaque to where eventually you cannot see through it. Depending on the minerals it may be off white, yellow, or orange in color. Sprinklers and hoses are not the only culprits. Water running off the house from rain and snow storms can also carry heavy amounts of particles to the glass. If left untreated, the minerals begin to eat away at the glass, called etching. This cannot be reversed and replacing the window is the only fix. Hard water is best removed using chemicals. Chemicals can be dangerous and cause damage to the window frame, brick or stucco below, or to the user so extreme care must be used. Using the proper products, properly is what you get when hiring a profession window cleaner to do the job.

Tools and Equipment
In order to perform a window cleaning service right, the proper tools are needed. Anyone who has ever cleaned a window with a rag or paper towel knows that it is hard to get it streak free initially, and then shortly thereafter the dust builds up showing the strokes or patterns of the rag. This can be avoided with a professional window cleaning squeegee. What about high windows, they are hard to reach. Ladders are cumbersome and dangerous. A professional window cleaner will have the proper ladders when needed, and can often bypass the ladder with technology offered by a water purification cleaning system.

In summary, fall is a great time to have your windows cleaned. It is a great time to begin a regularly scheduled cleaning plan so that spring or fall, summer or winter, your windows are clean. We often hear people say how much more affordable our quotes are than what they expect for professional cleaning. Get a quote today and see for yourself!