Your professionally managed lawn is a great place to host an outdoor party or event. After spending more than two years indoors, spending time outdoors has become a popular pastime. According to Houzz, a home and interior design company, “The company found that outdoor searches drastically doubled since last year…” So, if you thought your backyard was just a place for tending to potted plants, an over-fertilized lawn, and mosquito yard control, think again. It’s time for early spring lawn care and backyard parties with family and friends.

Outdoor Trends and Backyard Events

A survey conducted by the International Casual Furnishing Association revealed that “ …90 percent of Americans with outdoor living space have been taking greater advantage of their decks, porches and patios…”

However, a beautiful back yard doesn’t happen overnight. A lawn care specialist is needed to determine when to fertilize your lawn, when and how to provide fungus yard treatments, and how long and how often to run the sprinklers. It seems simple, but it’s a complex process.

Inviting backyard


Benefits of Backyard Parties

The great thing about a lawn party is that it’s so easy to do. Of course, you must know when is the best time to fertilize and your lawn and landscape must be treated. Your lawn is somewhat of a “carpet” that’s not only beautiful but highly functional.

So here’s why your yard is the perfect spot for a gathering:

  • Low Maintenance
    Unlike your inside flooring, your lawn is a tough surface. Whether it’s a bluegrass or fescue type grass with a deep green color and dense turf, your lawn can withstand heavy traffic. So no matter how many people show up for the big event, the wear and tear of a million footprints won’t damage your lawn. Also, your guests can spill a drink or drop ketchup, and you won’t have to fret about cleaning up a mess or stains.
  • Landscaping as Back Drop
    Whether it’s a pergola, arbor or gazebo, your landscaping serves as the perfect complement to your yard. When planning the party, you can choose activities that match your backyard’s offerings. Maybe your yard is suited for horseshoes or cornhole, or maybe your thick green grass is best for lawn darts or bocci ball.
  • Low Cost
    Renting a space to host an event can be costly. Some venues range from $1,000 – $2,500 for a rental. That limits your fun to only a few hours with a significant cost. Your party can be as basic or lavish as you choose. So if you have a custom exterior kitchen with a cascading waterfall, your guests will enjoy a delicious meal and a soothing mist. If you just have a small fire pit, seating wall, and a mini vegetable garden, then your family will enjoy s’mores over an open fire and lettuce, carrot, and cucumber salad.
  • Availability
    In Cedar City, the climate is mostly dry and semi-arid for about 8 months out of the year. In the summertime, the days are long and warm so scheduling an event is easy.
  • Shade Control
    Even on the hottest day, umbrellas, foliage, water designs, and tents can help provide cooler temperatures. Also, a party scheduled later in the afternoon or evening is an option.


perfect lawn for a backyard party in cedar city utah
  • Square Footage
    Indoor options can be somewhat confining when you compare them to the open space of a backyard. In Utah, the average backyard measures a little more than 7,700 sq. ft. That’s a lot of space for a man-made stream, playground, pathway, and rock garden.
  • Convenient Location
    Most lawn parties are located in the vicinity of family and friends. Block parties are especially nice considering the “commute” is only a few minutes.
  • Kid and Pet Friendly
    No matter your age, you never get tired of hanging out in the backyard. Nothing beats the smell of fresh-cut grass or the sensation of the soft blades against your feet. Kids can bring their toys and play games. Even Fido can join in the fun. A well-maintained lawn is treated with environmentally friendly products that eliminate grubs and fungus that can affect turf grass as well as provide tick control for your yard.
  • Activities
    Your guests can relax on a blanket or play lawn party games like corn hole, volleyball, horseshoes, badminton, and croquet. You can even make a DIY movie theater with a bed sheet and projector or go high-tech. Nothing beats a good flick against a sunny sky or star-filled night.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Backyard landscaping ideas are limitless. Plant succulents. Gather rainwater in containers. Choose Bamboo, refurbished wood pieces, and natural stones like marble or limestone to ensure a landscape that helps save the planet.

Your home and its landscaping is your biggest investment. So enjoy them. After all, it’s spring – a time to invite the people you care about into your outdoor oasis. Let everyone share in nature’s bounty.