It’s almost that magical time of year again and we just wanted to put together a quick list of items to show you benefits of hiring out your Christmas light services.


You do not have to do ANYTHING. With our Christmas light package, we put the lights up, they run themselves, we inspect and make any repairs needed, we take them down, and we store them. You sit back and enjoy them while sipping your favorite holiday flavor of hot chocolate.


We do not use lights you can buy at the store. We use commercial grade lights that are custom cut to fit your house. We are not trying to use a 25’ length of lights to fit around a 14’ window or cover a 30’ section of roofline. We use patented clips to hold bulbs in perfectly straight lines. Our most asked question about Christmas lights is how we get the lights to be spaced and lined up so perfectly. That’s part of our secret sauce and some of what you get with our services. We only use LED lights. This allows us to be more creative in designs, use less materials, and it saves you on power. With these lights sections of bulbs don’t just go out like with cheap incandescent strands. You know when something happens, and half of a strand just goes out? We’ve all been there, trying to find the one bad bulb. That doesn’t happen with commercial grade lights.

DIY Christmas Lights
New Cedar City home with Christmas Lights installed by Everything Exterior

DIY vs Proessional


You are not outside. You are not on a ladder. You are not messing with electrical cords. We take care of it all. We follow all industry guidelines and recommendations in training and safety practices and were an accident to happen we carry more than the required amounts of insurance so that everyone and everything is covered.

Marriage Saver

You wouldn’t believe how many times we have heard that our Christmas light package has saved a marriage. Okay, maybe that’s stretching the truth, but we hear time and time again how happy a wife is because she has Christmas lights and how happy the husband is because he wasn’t ever nagged about it and didn’t have to spend a Saturday putting them up.

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