1)You don’t have to do anything.  They are installed for you and hooked to timers so that they turn on and off automatically.  They are maintained.  Should a bulb burn out or the wild blow a strand off a tree they will be fixed routinely without you even having to call.  They will be taken down after the first of the year and stored for you in our warehouse

2) We use commercial grade LED lights.  You can choose any color combination you would like.  We can string 1000s of bulbs from one power outlet as they draw such little electricity.  This will also keep your electricity bill to a minimum.  With bulbs rated at 50,000 hours chances are you won’t ever see one burn out in your lifetime.

3) We custom cut all light strands and extension cords.  This makes your display look nice and cords hidden so that even in the day your home looks great.  Because we cut strands we can outline windows, garages, dormers, etc without a trail of lights leading to and away from them.  This separates the Pros from the Joes.

4) Safety and convenience.  You don’t want to be on a ladder, especially in the cold.  We use top of the line equipment and have the best training in the industry to promote safety.  We also carry proper liability insurance and workers comp insurance so that even if there were an accident everything would be taken care of with no liability on your part.

5) You will make your neighbors jealous.  Do you have a neighbor who has had the best Christmas light display in the neighborhood for years?  We guarantee we can put together a display for you that will blow them out of the water.

We provide all of our Christmas light bids for free.  Click here to jump to our estimate request page to request your free estimate now.  We look forward to brightening your holidays!