We don’t object to the importance of cleaning our teeth every morning (excluding most kids of course) as we all know it is an important part of a daily routine that helps prevent cavities, gum disease and bad breath as well as promotes overall health.
For one reason or another this idea is often not applied to other situations.  We all clean windows from time to time but it doesn’t seem to be on most people’s list of priorities.  A sticky floor is an issue, but dirty windows don’t seem to bother many of us.
Here are 5 reason why window cleaning is more important than it seems:

1- The Structure Of Glass
Glass is porous (has many hollow pits) and over time becomes fragile and can lose transparency, show pigmented spots, and even house microorganism growth.  There are a few common window enemies that can reek havoc on your glass.

mineral deposits: from sprinkler systems and building run-off
oxidation: from windows encased in metal frames and screens
acid rain: more common than you think; any air pollutants can be trapped in rain drops and deposited on your glass even if water isn’t “toxic”
over-spray: accidental paint, chalk, stucco, fertilizer, pesticides etc.

Over time any of these will not only “dirty” your windows but can actually cause serious damage or even destroy the glass.  It is often called “hard water” and once it has accumulated will no longer be able to be washed off.  While there are chemical treatments and elbow grease that can help remove it, it’s easier and cheaper to just not let it get to that point.

2- Subconscious Effect

Did you know that windows significantly affect the way visitors perceive a business?  What about that homes with clean windows sell at higher prices than those with the same features but dirty windows?  Subliminally or completely consciously most people pay attention to glass whether it be a store front, a restaurant, or a friends home.  Dirty windows create a careless attitude and studies of shown that business are seen as less trustworthy with dirty windows.  It’s pretty easy to see that clean windows make things look neat, fresh, and pleasant.

3- Maintenance In The Long Run
Although it may seem cheaper to not do anything with new windows for a few years studies have shown it is 8 times less expensive to maintain windows in the short run rather than pay for costly restoration expenses down the road.  (Plus you get to enjoy clean windows always!) Not only will the glass break down over time but the process can also damage surfaces surrounding the window.  As minerals break down glass it will become less efficient and your heating and cooling bills will both rise, taking more money out of your pocket.  It’s kind of like not changing your oil.  Sure at 3,001 miles it might be fine and you might not even notice anything at 5,000 or 10,000 miles but sooner or later you’ll wish for the $30 oil changes compared to a complete engine replacement.

4- Better MoJo, Good Vibes, More Happiness
You’ll just plain feel better.  You’ll have a better view, see more color and start each day more satisfied and focused.  If you don’t understand ask one of our regular window washing customers or even a friend with glasses about their perception after cleaning their lenses.  Some people have even noted an increase in self esteem and boost in positive thinking.  Don’t let yourself down with smears and smudges.

Let us make your life brighter and happier.  We offer a wide array of services and frequencies so that you can choose what you want cleaned and how often.  We can design a custom plan and then call you and remind you when it’s time for a service.  We not only clean windows but also tracks and sills, frames, screens, and rain gutters.  Call us today and we will come out for free to look at your windows, give a professional recommendation, and leave you with a free quote chart so you can weigh all of your options.  Pick up your phone and call now! (435)650-9497